My name is Brian Swerdfeger and I’m the proprietor of ToneLounge. Thank you for taking time to check us out.

ToneLounge is the result of being inspired by this phrase: Life is short. Pursue your dreams. Share your passion.

So after a long career as a consultant in the guitar business, I’ve taken the experience and relationships I’ve been blessed with and started my own company dedicated to handcrafting guitars. Crazy, right? But that’s just the point. If we all were crazy enough to do what we are passionate about we’d be surrounded by people doing great things, doing what we love, and living the life we were designed to live. I’ve decided to go for it, how about you?

If you’ve got another minute, read on to find out more about us, our guitars, and our dreams for you.

The People

We’re a small company based in Orange County California. We grew up here, and we love the spirit of SoCal where anything is possible if you’re willing to go for it. So we are. We’ve risked everything because we love guitars and the people that play them.

We also love music and believe it’s an important part of life that adds beauty to our world. It’s our hope the guitars we make will inspire you to make music, and in turn, inspire others.

The Guitars

  • With a nod to the past and an eye toward the future, our guitars aim to honor our heritage of SoCal guitar making and at the same time take us to new places.
    We desire

  • To build great guitars here in Southern California, USA
  • To connect the past with the future – in music / design / and tone
  • To make our customers happy and proud to be a part of the ToneLounge family
  • To inspire music that adds beauty to our world
    We have a holistic view of Quality

  • Quality people – people always come first
  • Quality philosophies – we share common beliefs that drive all things
  • Quality practices – we do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do
  • Quality products – are the result of paying attention to the first three!

Last but not least, I invite you to join the conversation about guitars, tone, music and more over at our Facebook page. You can also take a peek at our latest guitars and the workshop on our Flickr gallery, and watch our videos on YouTube.

Love and sawdust,